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Never forget about my first day in Mosbach!

Have you ever left your bag on the train? And imagine, in your bag which you left on the train, there are passport, dormitory fee, cash, card, and all of your important things except your phone.

Why I’m asking this question is that because it is about the story happened to me.

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach

The day was the first day when I arrived in Mosbach to start my semester. It was totally long trip from South Korea to Germany, Mosbach. And I brought two huge carriers, big backpack, and small bag. After long trip, finally it was the time to get off the train. In that time, I was relaxed because I was almost arrived to my destination. So I took off my bag, and put them on the chair. And the thing was happened. When I get off the train, suddenly I realized I left my small tiny bag on the train. In that bag, there was my passport, cards, whole bunch of cash, and every important stuff. But the train was already gone. I was so stupid. I just stopped walking and standing still for few minutes because I was shocked. Luckly, I was with my friends. Thanks a lot to them, they took my two huge carriers for me to get my bag back. My hands can be free thanks to them. Sadly, in Mosbach(Baden) station, there is no information. So I ran right to the town info. Even though they are not related to the DB or train system, they were trying really hard for me to fine the train which I left my bag in. So, they told me I can get on the same train when that train comes back in Mosbach. I hope my bag was still there, but when I took the train again, my bag wasn’t there. I was really frustrated. So I asked the man who drive the train that I lost my bag in here, and he told me I can go Mannheim. Most of the lost articles are sent to Mannheim, so maybe I could find my bag. There was no other option I can do, only just waiting for the train to Mannheim for 2hours. In sad mood, I was waiting for the train. After about 1 hours, I met the train driver again in sudden. I was sooo lucky because someone call him that someone has my bag. The thing was that the train drivers was trying hard to help me and call people he know related to the train. And someone got the information that someone took my bag on the train. And luckly, I met the train driver again.

So finally, I met the guy who keep my bag and get my small precious bag back !!

This story is about what happened to me on the first day in Mosbach. I’m really happy because it is a happy ending.I never forget all of the kind people who I met in that time in Mosbach, and my friends who took my carriers to school even though they were also tired and have huge carriers. This story makes me feel so embarrassed, but at the same time, feel so warmed because of the people who I met in Mosbach. Also I was not afraid anymore even though the place, such as station or train, is totally different from my country. Because I took a lot of train to find my bag. Hahaha

Studying in abroad makes me feel like a freshman.

I want to talk about my motivation for a semester abroad, and my feeling living in abroad. Since I was in high school, I want to study and live in abroad someday. But in that time, I don’t know exactly why but I thought I couldn’t make it. Maybe because it was not easy to live or study abroad in several reasons. But when I entered the university, I knew that there is a “Exchange student system” in the university. So I decided to apply the exchange student course, and go abroad. Because I really want to feel their different lifestyle and culture by myself. Also I want to make a new relationship with people who are from another country. And want to talk together about same topic, find what is difference and what is same from each other. And then I can get a global perspective and have a special experience. Also, I was always wondering how they teach and how they learn something. Kind of education method. Because I study only in one country. There’re a lot of reason I want to spend my semester in abroad. And now I know it is always really fun talking with friends from other culture and lifestyle.

So, when I arrived in Mosbach, I was really excited. Because everything around me was totally different from my country. And I never imagined before that I’m gonna live in other country. These kind of thinking make me feel really weird and excited. So, if someone ask me “what is it like to be away from everything you know?”, I will answer “It makes me feel energenic.”. Of course it depends on the person, but for me, I feel I’m just born again. Of course, soon, I was gonna be used to everything around me. The funny thing is that when I arrived in Mosbach, I thought everything was unfamiliar with me and strange. But now, this place is really familiar with me, and when I think about my home country, it makes me feel unfamiliar with me. I think that means now I’m used to live in here, Mosbach.

About my experience in DHBW Mosbach

And I really want to talk about my experience in IPB20.

Excursion in Nurnberg.

I went to Nurnberg for our excursion. In our courses, there is a program called “excursion”. I really love to join this program, because we usually do activity which is really fun. We went to Audi factory, brewery, etc. And one of the excursion was in Nurnberg for 2days. In there, we went to Faber-castle factory, and riding Go-kart. I want to talk about the experience of the Go-kart.

After we arrived Nurnberg, we went to Faber-castle first and then go to Go-Kart. I never imagined that the speed of the Kart was that fast. I was totally fast I never experienced. I thought it’s like a toy car before I’ve been there, but it was like a real car.  Hahaha And it was little bit hard for me to use handle. So on the next day after we ride a kart, I couldn’t move my arms because my muscles of arms were so hurt. At the first, we played one by one. And after we practice, we make a team and played a team-play, like a relay. Because we make a team, I felt ‘we are a team’. We cheered each other and played like a real player. It was so much fun and being more close with my friends. And at the last, we cheered each other unless who wins or not. And after riding a Go-Kart, we were so hungry, so we ate hamburger together and it was really delicious.

Short trip to Mannheim and Heidelberg

During the weekend, me and my friends are usually going to a short trip. I went to Mannheim and Heidelberg with my friends. First in Mannheim, we were looking around the city. The symmetric building was so impressed. And we ate Turkish food, it was really delicious. Waching a new city is always funny. And besides it was much better because  my friends were with me.

And in Heidelberg, we went up to the castle and looked down the whole city. The city was so cute and lovely. After a short trip, we went back to Mosbach and played in International house, student dormitory. We played music, and dance together. It was really wonderful memory for me. When I spend time with my friends, I feel kind of free and relax. I never forget those times.

Also, these short trip was weigh more worth it. Because “WE WERE TOGETHER”. Why I think spending time with my friends is worth, it’s because we talk about in perspective of diverse culture. For example, when we talk about the education system of each country, I can heard diverse story even if the topic is same. We are from different country, so of course the perspective or story was different from each other. This situation was really interesting for me. But the most interesting thing was we can understand each other, even if our perspective is different from each other. Because we are in similar ages and friend. And because we are friend, we can ask anything and talk about anything honestly. So I love the time talking about something and chilling with my friends.

At first, I thought students from other country would think different from me, and so do the own perspective. But I was totally wrong. Now I know. We are just same students, think in similar way, or understand each other. It means the question of ‘where are they from’ is never important. Of course we were from other country and grow up in different culture, ‘BUT’ we can feel each other.

My second hometown, Mosbach, Germany.

It makes me really sad when I think about the the last day in Mosbach. I have so much fun in here with my friend. What makes me feel more sad is it will be really hard to meet my friends again. Of course I will meet them someday in anywhere they are. But I know it is not easy to go. I am really really gonna miss them.

Anyway, why I said Mosbach makes me feel it’s like my second home country is that I have a lot of memories in here. And it was really special experience for me staying abroad. I will never forget every moment in here. I don’t know exactly why, but I really love this small town, Mosbach. Maybe because it’s my first time staying abroad, going to school in abroad, and making friends in totally different situation from what I used to.

I think I could walk in Mosbach even if I close my eyes. I live in here and I have my friends in here. And here is my favorite milk shake place, hamburger place, and Greek restaurant. I can inform if someone come to Mosbach. I’m really reall gonna miss my place, Mosbach. This is what makes me feel Mosbach is my second hometown.

First Being a totally alien in my life time

When I think back to the beginning of the semester abroad, the way I think and my feeling has changed. At first, I felt little awkward when I was trying to talk with someone who don’t now well. Even in English, it’s weigh more hard for me. Because I don’t have much experience speaking in English. But now, I’m not afraid anymore speak with someone, even if in English. It doesn’t mean that my English skill grows highly, but I want to say it is because of my confidence. During the time staying here, talking with my friends, my confidence grows increasingly. Because in here, I don’t have to worry about carrier or something like that. I’m just focus on the school, friend, and experience. So I feel free to just staying and living. It seems really simple but difficult. Because I was always busy with something in my country. Also sometimes I staying here, I feel proud of myself. Because I did all by myself. Making new friends from all other country, travel somewhere in Europe, and living home alone, etc. So now I think I can do whatever I want by myself.

These are the biggest insights since the beginning of the semester. And because all of these, I never forget my experience and memories in here.

International Programs taught in English

Programs taught in English at the DHBW Mosbach are laid out for mixed groups of incoming students and DHBW Mosbach students. The DHBW Mosbach offers two international programs:

International Program in Buisness (IPB)

International Program in Engineering (IPE)

The IPB is running in the 3rd and 4th Semester of the DHBW Bachelor Program. Incoming exchange students as well as DHBW Mosbach degree students enrolled in the Departments of Trade and Industry are eligible for application.

The IPE is a tailor-made program designed for a mixed group consisting of incoming exchange students and DHBW Mosbach degree students from the Departments of Mechatronics, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems.

Stibet Scholarship

STIBET is financed and supported by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst – German Academic Exchange Service) and the Bundesministerium der Finanzen (German federal ministry of finance) to promote the academic training/studies for international students. The DAAD promotes the mobility of students from partner universities.

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