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Home sweet home…

My name is Linda and I study International Business – Industrial Sales and Marketing usually at the DHBW Mosbach – Bad Mergentheim, but this term I am doing my studies at the Oregon State University – Cascades in Bend, Oregon, USA. You can find my first blog entry here, my second one here.

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach

It is now 4 weeks that I left the Cascades Campus in Bend and I still can not believe that this incredible experience is already over. Walking across the campus for one last time was so weird! On the one hand I was very sad, as I had enjoyed this term abroad so much. I had lots of fun with all the friends I have made over there and I saw so many beautiful places. On the other hand I was looking forward to coming home to my family and friends, because I had missed them quite a lot. Therefore, I was very excited when I walked across the campus and I think I did not really realize that this was the end of my term abroad in Bend, Oregon.

Now that I have returned home I notice that I am more outgoing than I was before. I have never been really shy when I got in contact with others but I feel like I am even more open to getting in touch with new people now. Furthermore, I appreciate our nature and landscapes more than before, as it is so different to the places I have seen in the USA. But I am also very happy that my surrounding did not change much while I was gone, because it is an amazing feeling to come back home. I was scared that the distance between us would make the relationships to at least some of my friends change, but it really did not. I have always loved to spend time with my family and friends but now that I have made the experience to be separated from them for a long time I appreciate the little moments together even more than I did before.

During my time abroad I have had many serious conversations with Americans and they made me understand their perspectives of things, too. Therefore, I do see some differences between Germany and the United States and I have to admit that both countries have their advantages and disadvantages. It is the same with the different systems at the university in Germany and America. You learn mostly the same things, so there are no big differences in the material covered, but you learn them in completely different ways. I could not decide which system I like more, but I am very happy that I had the chance to experience them both on my own.

It is hard for me to think of things that I will not miss in Germany, but I would say the heat in California, where I have been for 3 weeks after my term, was definitely too much for me. I am really glad that it is not that hot in Germany. Also I have loved my suitemates and the dorms in Bend were beautiful and very clean, but I can not express how happy I am to sleep in my own bed again.

Nevertheless, I hope that I can come back to the US one day and explore all the parts of the country where I have not been yet. And, of course, I miss the friends I have made there. They have made this experience as great as it was and I am incredibly thankful for all the memories we have made. Hopefully I will see them all again soon!

The DHBW Exchange Scholarship

The DHBW Exchange Scholarship is provided by the DHBW-Stiftung / DHBW Foundation. With the help of financial contributions from companies and private individuals, the DHBW Foundation’s goal is to strengthen the profile and expertise of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University and to give further impetus to teaching and research. By awarding the DHBW Exchange Scholarship, the Foundation wants to support our efforts to further the university’s internationalization. 

DHBW Mosbach has decided to award this scholarship to two students from Oregon State University, Cascades Campus, Bend coming to DHBW Mosbach, as well as two DHBW Mosbach students, spending one semester at OSU Bend.

More information on the DHBW Foundation can be found here.

Oregon State University - Cascades Campus