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Hello guys , greetings from Turkey

My name is Ahmet Furkan Erdogan. I’m from Turkey and I’m living in Istanbul. I’m currently studying in International Trade Department at Istanbul Kultur University. I participated to International Business Program at DHBW Mosbach for Fall and Spring semesters . I went to studying abroad with Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program. I always wanted to studying abroad , especially in Germany because I heard about how good is German education system from my friends who studied in Germany before. So it was so easy for me to decide to going to Germany. Now , I am realizing that it was the best year in my entire life. I have no regret for that. It was the best decision that I have ever made.

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach

Actually I wanted go to studying abroad for to learn foreign languages and have an experience of the different cultures. They were the biggest goals for me in this amazing journey. In the IPB our education language was English but we also took German Culture and Language Course which was so helpful for every IPB students in German daily life. About the English , at the beginning of the Fall semester my English was really bad. I barely had a conversation with the other exchange students and the professors. But when we arrived end of the fall semester my English was almost perfect. Everybody was so helpful against to me. They didn’t care how bad my English and actually they were always trying to teach me English. As I mentioned the other aim that I expected to get an experience from studying abroad was learning the different cultures. Being an IPB student helped me so much for that. When I arrived to first class in Germany I was in really big shock. I saw many people from all around the world such as U.S. , Spain , France , Singapore , Mexico , Ecuador , South Korea , Colombia and Chile. At the end of the IPB I realized that being able to know different cultures was the biggest experience that I got from the IPB. When we arrived to end of the both semesters it was really hard for everybody going back to our countries because we became like a family as IPB students in this short periods. We talked together , we ate together , we laughed and cried together , we went to travel together. We had many unforgettable memories thanks to IPB and we are still staying in touch with everybody. We are doing online meeting once a month. I talked about how amazing was being in IPB but at the first days of fall semester it was really hard for almost everybody. The problem was when you arrived to abroad you don’t know anybody , you have to live in different country and the fact is living in different country is totally different from to travel in that country. At the first two weeks you miss your family , friends and you are feeling homesick . But don’t worry about that after two weeks you are getting use to that country and culture. For these facts Germany was perfect  place for to  everybody . Also IPB professors and academic advisors are so helpful and amazing persons that I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to this article I want to say thank you to Professor Azarmi , Jenni and Verena. I am pretty sure that every IPB students have amazing thoughts about these amazing persons. They were always trying to help everybody and acting to you as a friend . I also want to say something about the IPB courses and professors. First of all the courses contents was really amazing and interactive. Normally we took every course one or two times in a week until end of the semester in Turkey but in the IPB we took most of the courses four or five days in a week and we took exams end of these weeks which was so different but better from my home university. Also there is no exam for every course , for to pass some courses you have to make project and presentation which was so helpful to improve my English and have an experience making presentation and public speech. All of the IPB professor were really good and the most interesting thing about the proffessors for me was they were acting to us as a friend and all of them was so helpful.

I also want to talk about to Mosbach and daily life in Germany. Before to going to Mosbach I’ve never heard anything about Mosbach. I tried to Google it but I couldn’t find many things about Mosbach. Only thing that I knew before going there was Mosbach was a quiet and small town. When I arrived to Mosbach I really amazed more than I expected. I always like small and quiet towns and Mosbach provide you both of them. You can go to everywhere in Mosbach by walk. By the way Mosbach is so close to Stuttgart , Frankfurt and Heidelberg which is one of best German town in Germany. You can go there by train and you’ll hear the name of Deutsche Bahn which is German transportation company. I recommend you to book your train ticket from airport to Mosbach asap so you can find a cheap ticket. Also you should get a Deutsche Bahn Card which provides you 50% discount in your trips.   There are so many grocery shops , restaurants which is provide you to taste different cuisines such as Thai , Chinese , Indian , Greek , Turkish and of course German.  Also there are so many bar that you can go for crazy parties in Mosbach. Our favorite bars were Mosbacher Brauhaus and Ludwig. If you want to try to best German Schnitzel in Mosbach then you should go to Brauhaus also you can try really tasty cocktails at Ludwig. When you arrive to Mosbach you’ll need to get some food. There are so many options in Mosbach for to grocery shopping such as Rewe , Lidl , Aldi and Kaufland. Also you’ll need a carrier for your cell phone . You can get one from these shops easily but don’t forget that you’ll need your passport with you. I recommend you AldiTalk which provides you to use your carrier in all European countries.

Let’s talk about some fun things that you can do in IPB. There are always some options to go to party in Mosbach . You can follow them via DHBW mobile apps which you can find on App Store and Google Play also you can ask your German fellows because they know every party and event in Mosbach. The other thing is there are so many house party in Mosbach and also you can throw your own party at the International House which we made and enjoyed it so much. Also IPB provides you some excursions and holidays that you can go to other countries at the weekend that we did a lot of times. Germany is in the central of Europe so you can go to other countries easily. You can find so cheap flight tickets from Ryanair. I remember that once we went to Austria with almost 20 person from the IPB and we paid only 30 Euros for round trip. Also you can go to other countries by Deutsche Bahn and FlixBus.

By the way there are two accommodation options that DHBW provides for to exchange students as International House and Downtown House. International House is bigger than downtown house and only exchange students are staying there. I stayed at the International House for two semester and both semesters we stayed at the International House with almost 20 person. There are 3 floors at the Int. House. In the first floor there is a really big kitchen and dining room that you can eat with the others easily. You will have two fridges in the kitchen. Also there are laundry room that provides you to wash and dry your laundries. In the second floor there are two living room that you can chill and maybe play some board games such as Monopoly and Jenga together. There are 3 bathrooms at the second floor and so many bedrooms at the first floor. At the third floor you’ll have a living room , a bathroom and bedrooms.

I also liked the campus life in Mosbach. As I mentioned you can go to everywhere by walk in Mosbach that means you can arrive to DHBW campuses in 15 minutes from the house. There are 3 campuses that I know  belong to DHBW in Mosbach. There is a big campus which is contain A and B building. C and D building are separate from big campus but there so close to each other. We took the courses at A , B and D building by the way. C building is nearby the Int. House. There are some cafeterias and bakeries that so close to campuses that you can have breakfast and get some coffee. For to have launch you can go to Mensa which is a big restaurant that you can have many food options.

I stayed for almost one year in Mosbach and I enjoyed every moment that I spent with my friends. I have no regret to studying abroad especially in Mosbach. As I mentioned we became like a family in Mosbach and you’ll see how I am right for that since your first day in the IPB. As you know we have a really big problem called Covid19 all around the world. End of the April the university had to close the IPB early because of the Covid19. Some of us could go to their countries but some of us including me couldn’t back to home because of the some countries closed their borders. Normally we were going back to our countries on May but I stayed in Mosbach until 15th of June with my lovely friends Ainara, Khai , Mateo and Adolfo. By the way they are still living in Germany and Mateo and Adolfo are going to stay one more semester at the IPB if they didn’t change their mind. So you see that how everybody liked that IPB and Mosbach. As you can imagine how bad is quarantine days. But Verena, Jenni and Mr. Azarmi always tried to help us in every situation such as expending visas , providing accommodation etc. They also provide us scholarship which was really helped us in the quarantine days. I am really appreciate for this to IPB and DHBW. Also they provided us a German Language and Culture course in the quarantine days. So we learned many things about German Culture from our lovely German teacher Michael Adam.

The last thing that I want to share with you all who are going to be new IPB students that please try to enjoy in every moment , spend time together as much as you can , travel around to Europe as much as you can. I am pretty sure that your next semester in the IPB is going to be your best semester in your entire life. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. You can e mail me via ahmetfurkanerdogan@hotmail.com.

International Programs taught in English

Programs taught in English at the DHBW Mosbach are laid out for mixed groups of incoming students and DHBW Mosbach students. The DHBW Mosbach offers two international programs:

International Program in Buisness (IPB)

International Program in Engineering (IPE)

The IPB is running in the 3rd and 4th Semester of the DHBW Bachelor Program. Incoming exchange students as well as DHBW Mosbach degree students enrolled in the Departments of Trade and Industry are eligible for application.

The IPE is a tailor-made program designed for a mixed group consisting of incoming exchange students and DHBW Mosbach degree students from the Departments of Mechatronics, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems.

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