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First Month in Mosbach

The first day that I arrived in Mosbach from the Netherlands was the beginning of a new adventure in my school career. The moment I walked into the classroom was the moment that I met new people from different countries like Sweden, Korea, Mexico and the USA. At the first moment I was wondering what was going to happen because this was the first time I had been a significant distance from home, around six hours.

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach

The first thing I noticed was that the other students were very social. Everyone was talking with each other. The first class was an orientation class where everyone got to know each other. After that the group of us went to our house we would share for the next few months.

There are two houses, we call them 51 and 70. They are close to each other.  I live in 51. We have 2 floors where almost everyone has their own room. Some people share the same room. I have a room on my own, which I prefer. In the house there are rules, like we don’t walk with our shoes in the house and we clean on Sunday. We clean all the common spaces. We have also a system that we collect all the bottles, because in Germany you get money when you hand in the bottles. We use this money to buy some items for the house. This is the best idea to do it because everyone is putting something in.

The school is not so far from the house, it is about 5 or 10 minutes. We have different buildings but close to each other. So we walk every morning to the school. We have long days but also a lot of free time. In our free time we can travel or work for school. In the beginning we didn’t really have homework so a lot of people travelled in Germany or went to Italy and Austria.

In the first week we had only German class. We learned some German words, sentences and about the German culture. The class wasn’t only about listening but also talking to each other and using the German language. In the second week we met the German students who are also in our class. So the class is mixed with internationals and Germans. It is a good experience to get to know new people with different backgrounds. To get to know each other better, we had different excursions like forest jump and an intercultural dinner. For the intercultural dinner we had to plan it by ourselves. Our theme was Oktoberfest. It was nice to enjoy dinner with everyone and to make it ourselves. I enjoyed the forest jump but at the same time I was scared to do the activities because I don’t like to jump from heights.

It is also nice to that we all celebrate people’s birthdays and to see that we do a lot for each other. We all became good friends in a short time and no one feels alone because we all are social and very friendly. So if you have the chance to study abroad I will definitely recommend to do so, because this will make you more social, add knowledge and make you more independent.


Aleyna Karauguz

International Programs

Exchange students can join one of our 3 month-long International Programs. Business students can choose the International Program in Business (IPB), which runs three times per year. For Engineering students, we offer the International Program in Engineering (IPE). The classes are taught entirely in English and you can earn up to 30 ECTS in each three-months program.

Exchange students join DHBW Mosbach students, so there is an intercultural mix of students in class. We keep the class size small: you get to know everyone very well and be one tight group during your stay here. Each program includes an Intensive German language and culture course. The programs also include excursions, cultural events and company visits, so you have a great time with plenty of fun and adventure.