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My name is Sebastián. I am a student in the University of Cuenca in Ecuador and I have chosen the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM IN BUSINESS as an excellent experience to study abroad. A decision that I would never regret.

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Since the beginning I have really wanted to have the experience of being in a completely different country and meet people from all over the world where I can learn invaluable lessons. The idea of facing diverse cultures was fascinating and the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM IN BUSINESS was the opportunity that I was waiting for a long time.

The first days in Germany were absolutely homely. The group connected really fast and that helped us to support each other while we were facing the fact that we were in another country with unknown people. Then I started to realize how amazing is the world and that it is hard to be away from everything that I know but at the same time it is rewarding the fact that I am accomplishing a dream that I have been working on for a long time. What is completely remarkable is how the people that you meet in the program is willing to help you at any time you need. You can make friends easily and for me it seemed that I have known them for a long time instead of just the three months of the program and I think that that is one of the best parts in the International Program in Business.

I think that it is really interesting to be in the DHBW during the program because it has a different way of teaching. The university uses a structure of having one subject per week and a final exam on the last day of the week, which is completely different from my home University. So the daily routine was going to class in the morning and we normally used to walk together to the A-Building, then at midday it was really common to go to the Mensa or going for a Döner in a big group and that was actually surprising to me because of the way people eat in Germany in comparison to my country given that all the food was different and I could not find some food that is really common for me in my daily lunch.

For me, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have had the opportunity to learn from different points of view. I could develop my soft skills so far and I had the opportunity to learn a new language which I will still be learning after the International Program in Business finishes. I will always remember the moments in the International House where we have tons of stories to talk about, the first friend that I made just at the moment I got out the train in Mosbach, the small daytrips or hiking paths around the city, the days of cooking internationals delicacies. But specially, I will never ever forget the friends that I made here, who I know I will meet them all again.

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International Programs

The International Programs offer international and German students the opportunity to receive a global business education taught entirely in English by an international staff of professors.

The International Program in Business is available in Mosbach (IPB Fall and IPB Spring) and in Bad Mergentheim (IPB Spring). International students have the opportunity to combine the programs IBP Fall and IPB Spring on the Campus Mosbach (two-semester program). For Engineering students, we offer the International Program in Engineering (IPE).

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