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My name is Nicole Andrea Arévalo Andrade, I´m 21 years old. and I´m from  Guayaquil - Ecuador, I am studying at Universidad Católica Santiago de Guayaquil and I´m in the sixth semester of the Dual Modality Business Degree, I chose the Dual System because is a great opportunity to introduce us to the professional campus at very young age.

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach

The most important thing that attracted my attention is the one that allows us to carry out business projects that help solve some problem that the company is having at that moment. Also, it allows us to live all the inconveniences that may arise within a company and know what are the actions that should be taken. I´m currently studying on the IPB Spring 2019 international program in Mosbach – Germany.

First days in Mosbach and first meeting with the internationals and Germans

What motivated me to participate in this study program is that Germany is an excellent country and an excellent opportunity to achieve my goals because this country has many aspects that differ from other countries. I have had many opportunities in my life as a student, I have tended the opportunity to study in another country for a short time, which had been very enriching obtaining several certifications as academic achievements. The opportunity to study in Mosbach was a great experience in my life, because I increase my knowledge in different aspects not only in education but also in culture that would help me as a student to get more responsibilities and know what my long-term goals are. I think that studied in Mosbach was a great opportunity to start thinking what decisions I must take to continue forming my professional life.

My first days in Germany, at the beginning they were a bit tired because of the long trip that I had to make due to the distance between country and country, but at the moment of knowing the place, the city and new friends, those tired days turned into joy and anxiety to know how the next days and the three months that were left would be to create new memories, learning, experiences, trips with incredible people that nowadays have become one more family. Also, at the beginning it was a bit strange to be in another place that was not known to me, living alone for the first time for so long frightened me; but with the passage of the first three days all that fear became to want to learn and live with 21 more guys from different countries.

At the time of meeting the other exchange students with whom I was going to share this incredible experience for three months, it was the first day, meeting them at the beginning was a strange thing because we did not know each other at all and did not even identify who was who; but at the time of introducing each of us to say our names, age, country and career, we began to have confidence and to be able to have the relationship that we have today, we are a group too close that from the first day we talked we clicked and from there is that trust that can be said that we have become brothers - family. Having the opportunity to meet incredible guys from different countries who have different cultures, customs and traditions teach me that everything is not the same and that you always must learn new things and adapt to each situation and experience that you may encounter along the way. As it happened to me, I had the opportunity to make this program that has left me incredible friends that I will surely keep all my life because from the first day we made a strong friendship. Likewise, the second week I met the local students, the Germans, knowing their tastes, hobbies, preferences, age, career and names, it was something strange but always happens at the beginning and then have the confidence of being able to talk with them and To know that they could help you in everything and that they were always willing was something nice. I can say that the best part of the program is the friends that this experience leaves you.

Being far from everything I know is difficult, but over time, I get used to the modality that other countries have. I have already studied in other countries doing exchanges, but this program is very similar to the one my University in Ecuador has because it is the same Dual system. However, the tactic they use for the classes is different, but in my opinion, I liked them a lot because the classes are dynamic, entertaining, but above all giving example of companies that are in the market and trying to come up with solutions.

Half time of the Study Abroad

The biggest difference between studying at DHBW Mosbach and at my home University, during the classes you can choose your work tool, either notebook, computer or tablet to make your notes. In addition, team work in which you can discuss and give your opinion and reach an agreement or solution to the problem with different criteria but all with the same objective; which helps enrich your knowledge and allow you to listen to new opinions.

A typical day during my semester abroad, I cannot say a normal day, because here the days are different, because the classes are different with different modalities (work, team work, dynamics), share day by day with people Foreign and learn something new every day is something awesome and strange at the same time, because you realize that there are things you have never heard and learn. I could also say that it is a dynamic and fun day, first by the classes and then by the people with whom you share a diary, with their occurrences and enthusiasm to keep learning new things whether it is your teaching them your language and they to you, always willing to learn something new. After the classes usually, we meet to cook, talk, sing, play guitar or just walk a moment together, united as what characterizes us.

What I liked most about Germany were the people who were part of this incredible experience, whether it was helping, giving their support, teaching new things to know and learn. I had the opportunity to make several trips to different countries such as cities in Germany and I can say that Germany is a very nice and enriching country, concerned about education and why foreign students have all the comforts and facilities possible to make a stay in Mosbach as cheerful as possible.

The biggest cultural shock so far, was the first day I met the Germans because they lead to another lifestyle very different from the one that is carried in my country and the countries of the too many exchange students; knowing their tastes and their hobbies are totally different. Also another culture shock that I had was knowing the customs as a way of life of all the students since they take other food as a way to carry their day to day; but in the end it is a question of joining the cultures and knowing a little more about each one to get to enrich our knowledge and make the days are as they were during these three months that the international program lasts. Also, the way to take classes that are dynamic and more entertaining.

Farewell, thank you and thinking about this wonderful experience

Walking for the last time through the campus, it was a moment where everything lived through my mind, a moment full of nostalgia and joy at the same time, grateful for having had the opportunity to be able to make a semester abroad, to meet people wonderful that today I can get to say that they are my greatest friends. All the moments lived during these three months have been the best because from the first day I lived incredible and unforgettable experiences that surely remained in my mind and heart for a lifetime. Having had the opportunity to know a beautiful country with very warm people and always willing to help no matter what, to meet friends from different countries and live together for 90 days and get to know them so much and create moments is something inexplicable. Finally, seeing the campus for the last time was a beautiful thing that the only thing I can say is thanks for everything I have experienced and everything I have learned in both learning and student since this experience enriches you both in knowledge and personally.

I remember when the semester began abroad, I arrived with a way of thinking willing to know, learn and improve in everything I set my mind to. One of my great ideals is to continue educating myself, acquiring knowledge from the hand of the best educational tools as well as from the institutions that I can get to know, another of my ideals was to know and establish a good relationship that at that time were children of the exchange and now They are my friends. I sincerely have so many ideals and objectives for my professional life as a staff that I am sure I will acquire them over time and through the knowledge I acquire, but that today they remain the same nothing has changed since the first day come to this beautiful country; rather the desire to improve has increased since that day, now I have more clear than ever that I am able to achieve what I propose as I have done all the time. This experience has helped me to understand that the limits only you put them and if you want you can achieve everything, now my desire to continue studying continues with greater strength, to become someone successful and that sometimes making decisions like these are the best.

My best time in these three months has been the classes and my friends, the classes because the system they use to teach classes such as qualifying is totally different from the university in my country, apart from the classes that I have had the opportunity to receive here. they have been very productive, dynamic and the knowledge acquired has helped me a lot to be able to put into practice in some cases both educational and personal, they have been classes and subjects that currently in my career have a great meaning to understand the world today. My friends because when you meet them you realize that not everything you believed is true in terms of culture, having the privilege of having known them for three months, enriched my knowledge and culture, to a certain extent a way of understanding the lifestyle and language of people from different countries. Another moment that I liked the most were the excursions since they are moments in which you can have more contact with each one, besides that it was a way to have fun and have funny moments, full of laughs and many adventures that we can now tell each one of our families. In addition, the moments in which we just sat down to talk and laugh at all the things that we have lived here, are things that have no explanation since they come from nowhere and you just want to remember and laugh at everything. I can say that these three months, all the moments lived, trips, adventures, fun, meetings, excursions, classes, all have been unforgettable moments and that really filled all my expectations the moment I arrived in Mosbach.

The study abroad led my professional life as a staff in the way that having this great opportunity is a very important step to continue with my achievements, perhaps in our country education is not very advanced as in other countries, but having a International experience is a good point in my resume. I have many goals in my life, one of them is to study in another country that gives me the possibility to start learning a fourth language. I´m convinced that this is the first step in my professional career, one of many, in the future I would like to have my own company that is known around the world maybe established in another country. Can give back all the effort and dedication that my family has always given me, to be able to make your future something great that continues to feel proud of the great professional that will one day become, that all your effort and all opportunities that they have given me have been worth it. When it comes to my personal goals, I want to have an interactive life, I want to continue having more achievements. Having a life in which I can be an interesting professional that many people want to know what my obstacles were to be able to become a successful person, I can achieve all this with perseverance, with a lot of effort but above all always surrounded by people I love that is my family. I have always had the purpose of making my professional life a way of transmitting to other people and countries what people can do to increase the economy, I can obtain all that thanks to the programs because of all the experience, the best part of everything in Germany, having this possibility of interact with other cultures in the same subjects, also the chance to practice my English and learn a new language.

I will never forget my stay abroad because it has been one of the most enriching and incredible experiences I have had so far, this experience has helped me to be a more independent, mature person and above all to know what I really want for my life professional, has been a way of realizing what my objectives are and if the objectives I had continue or were strengthened. I will never forget the people who were part of the IPB Spring 2019, which made my stay in Mosbach the best of all and the best three months of study abroad. I hope that more children have the opportunity to choose this experience so that they can grow professionally as well as personally in each of the aspects of their life. Finally, I will never forget all the knowledge acquired in each of the classes that were dictated that will surely be very useful in the future before any situation that crosses my professional life, but above all I will never forget my eternal friends that surely came very far as I do, those who have the highest ideals, but above all are kids that I love very much and who made this something wonderful. It is the best experience I have ever had, and I will always remember everything I have lived in these three months, everything was wonderful that will always be in my mind and present in every step that I will take in my professional life.

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