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Big Experience in Small Town

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach

Hallo, Guten Tag. My name is Younghoon. I studied in Ajou University, South Korea so far except three months. For three months my course was IPB program in Mosbach. I learned basic German language also Business classes. For three months, I had a great memory in Mosbach. I have gone through a lot of worries to come to Germany, but the result is never regrettable. Although it is a European country, its emotions are very similar to ours. I had the opportunity to get to know each other for three months with them. And it broke the prejudice to the German personality that could be somewhat chilly. They were very kind and sometimes passionate. They also like Chili food. 

#How did the first contacts with other exchange students / with “locals” go?

Actually, in my home country, I already contacted with exchange students. But I don’t think I had deep relationship with them. So, before I came here, I wanted to have great relationship with other exchange students. At first, I met Ecuadorian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Hungarian students. They had a different eye color, hair style and so on. And then, we had a party in our dormitory. In party, we talked to each other. My first impression was fresh, but we understood each other, get more friendly.  Frankly, I had a prejudice to the internationals. For example, Europeans are chilly, Ecuadorian is shy. But it is really different. Ecuadorian loves dancing. So they taught us to dance “Salsa’. And European girls are really friendly.  

#What is the biggest difference between studying at DHBW Mosbach and at your home university?

First of all, one of the biggest reason why I came here is the system of DHBW. Actually it is quite different system from the others. DHBW students studied for three months and work for three months in a row. That system is really useful for getting job. Our home university, as same as the other university, just studied four years in a row. And then we have to look for job. But it is hard to get a job. Second is the mood of classroom. In South Korea, we just listened professor’s voice and write down what is the most important. But at DHBW, all of students were participated on a group project for every class. So it was useful and not boring. Finally, at DHBW, the class was from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We don’t have to application for classes. But my home university, I can choose what I want. 

#What was your best moment in the past months?

For me, the best moment in the past months was my birthday party. Since I came to Germany not long ago, I think I became familiar with Germans a lot after my birthday party. Frankly I didn’t expect anything about my birthday. But during Mensa party, they gave me a surprise at 12 o’clock. Unlike the birthday party I experienced in Korea, I was very grateful to foreigners for their sincere congratulations and will not forget the presents. When everyone sang my name after countdown, I felt like the main character in the movie. And even after the birthday party at Mensa, it was the happiest moment in the dormitory as the people in the dormitory celebrated another big event. Although I couldn’t take many pictures at the time, I’ll never forget those memories.

Our International Programs

Exchange students can join one of our 3 month-long International Programs. Business students can choose the International Program in Business (IPB), which runs three times per year. For Engineering students, we offer the International Program in Engineering (IPE). The classes are taught entirely in English and you can earn up to 30 ECTS in each three-months program.

Exchange students join DHBW Mosbach students, so there is an intercultural mix of students in class. We keep the class size small: you get to know everyone very well and be one tight group during your stay here. Each program includes an Intensive German language and culture course. The programs also include excursions, cultural events and company visits, so you have a great time with plenty of fun and adventure.