// International Programm in Business 2017

"A Place of Opportunities"

Während unseres International Program in Business im Frühjahr 2017 hatten wir internationale Studierende aus China, Tschechien, Frankreich, Kolumbien, den USA, Ecuador und den Niederlanden zu Gast, die gemeinsam mit unseren DHBW-Studierenden gelernt, gelacht und gelebt haben. Koos von Heusden aus den Niederlanden berichtet von seiner Zeit in Mosbach.

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach

From January to April 2017 I took part in the so-called „International Program of Business“at the Baden-Württemberg State Cooperative University.  Irrespective of the fact that it was one of my semester’s abroad, this program was something special for me as it was completely different to my degree in engineering.

Although I started two weeks later that the rest of the group due to scheduling conflicts, I was warmly welcomed into the group.  On the first evening in Mosbach we had an “International Party” where we could get to know the German students in the Program.  This evening was the foundation for the rest of the course in which we not only learnt a lot about business but also made close friendships with people from different cultures. When I look back on IPB, I have many great memories. They range from exciting activities like the wine tour, city trips and theme parks to a new interest in the fields of law and negotiation.

As the lecturers were from around the world, it was always uncertain which new surprises were awaiting us in the coming week. Whether it was a lawyer from Texas, a negotiator from Russia or even a Queen Beatrix impersonator; each lecturer succeeded in bringing something unique to the mix of our program. 

The days were long and the tests were sometimes tough but all in all it took nothing away from the amazing experience that I had in those months. Mosbach might, at first, look like a boring town; the town is also known as “Nixlosbach” – nothing going on town. After our adventures, I now see it as a place of opportunities, a place where friendships began and a place which will always be a home in Germany.