"DHBW Mosbach has taught us a lot about fellowship"

Jedes Jahr heißen wir über 100 Studierende von unseren ausländischen Partneruniversitäten bei uns an der DHBW Mosbach willkommen. Alej kommt aus Mexiko und studiert seit September in Mosbach im International Program in Business (IPB). Während Ihres Semesters wird Alej hier auf dem Blog von ihren Erlebnissen in Deutschland berichten.

Von Redaktion DHBW Mosbach • Mariá Alejandra Castillo Morán

Taking into account the events that have happened in our lives, the IPB program at DHBW Mosbach has taught us a lot about fellowship. This was visualized the day we went to Forest Jump, several (including myself) passed our fears of heights or falling, and everyone was there giving encouragement, saying that you could do it and it was. That was a good experience as it brought us together more than we were.

Another means by which we became more united, was the canoe trip and the wine tasting, it was extremely fun. We ended up exhausted but the experience of being in a canoe (for the most part it was the first time they did that) was tiring but at the same time exciting. How many times in your life are you going to go canoeing in Germany? I think few times in life and to enjoy this experience with guys from here who have already become part of our family is great.

These are the experiences we are making here, in addition to spending time together with people from other cultures, opening our horizons by living with them and learning new customs that will serve us in the future for our work environment.

And besides the school environment that we share, in the moment of living together we have learned more about our cultures and the habits of others in certain aspects and this helps us to develop more and more day by day.